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Oh yeah 30 min to go and BOOM! X2 appears on anonradio.net! 😎


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Startpage is now owned by an advertising company 

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Thank you all for tuning in and thank you for allowing me to spam your Mastodon/Pleroma/Gnusocial, etc timeline for an hour with my #nowplaying hashtag hahaha πŸ™

It is now time for OpenVoIP! Call 929-299-1269 to join the conversation!

to listen:


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Anyone running #WriteFreely via Docker, by any chance?

I'd like to deploy it to one of my VPSes, but everything is running there in Docker, wouldn't want to set up WriteFreely + deps outside.

(Boosts appreciated)

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Google is currently on witchhunt for alternative #YouTube frontends: They target the services as well as their users.

In the last week, #Invidious instances first got IP banned, and once that was circumvented stopped via heavy rate limits.

Now they manage to associate #NewPipe users with google accounts somehow, and suspend these accounts:

Now that these frontends got #Google's attention, I don't think we can sustain this cat & mouse game for long. πŸ˜”

Check out "True Colors" by Sweet Oblivion [feat. Geoff Tate] I’m not promoting a music service out retail outlet. Pick your own but this harkens back to the days of Queensryche at their high pint. So far this kicks ass!

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Can't be on #SDF com tonight because I have to pick up my son, but I'm not missing out on the #iwm on aNONradio.net! 🎧🎢 #anonradio

Today we we started the day with:

β€œBefore It's Too Late [Explicit]" by Kublai Khan TX

Followed by β€œRipping Flesh" by Exhorder

πŸ‘πŸ» to new relapse Friday’s.. on the list Opeth. Lacuna Coil, Car Bomb and Baby Fuckin’ Metal \m/😎\m/ a guilty pleasure! πŸ‘πŸ»

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I hear this all the time:

"I'm a nobody; why would anyone want to hack me?"

I've got six reasons for you:

You have money.
You have good credit.
You were randomly chosen.
You pissed off the wrong person.
Your friend or family members pissed off the wrong person.
You put yourself out there as an online entrepreneur, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, etc.

If you think no one would ever try to hack you, you need this episode.

There's going to be a live YouTube Premier of this episode at YourSecure.Life/2 at 5 PM Eastern US time.

If you're not seeing this post until after that time, don't worry...you can still watch it. Any time, anywhere. Just go to the website.

There is also an audio version (it is a podcast afterall) and a text version of the transcripts, if you're more into reading.

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