Hahaha was getting a playlist ready and realized I'm done for the week..LoL that went by fast.

Figured if the instance is going to be industrial grade I may as well move media to wasabi and leverage bunnyCDN to give it some juice. Tighten up backups and we may finally go live.

Will be awesome to provide another opportunity for folks to communicate and retain privacy.

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The new STM32MP1 SOC which is good candidate for our next Open Source Hardware Linux computer is running Ubuntu 18.04.LTS with Kernel 5.3 olimex.wordpress.com/2019/09/1 Now we need you tips how to arrange the GPIOs on the LIME2 connectors as this SOC has some pretty interesting features

Before I go off who is less evil? The baba has some uber cheap pricing going on for hosting. Move my shit there save a ton of $$ get awesome performance. But...as the question lies....data would remain in states.

So..who is less evil?

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The #LXD team is working on adding Virtual Machine support to LXD alongside system containers. Initial infrastructure for it has now been included and the team is in Paris this week working on the remaining pieces. t.co/hEPS1JtZGY tweeted by @ubuntu

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How depressing is this? So many uninformed people out there. I wish I could help you. 🤯

The Cars were inspirational to many a band and that inspiration spanned many genres. RIP Rick O!

Now I feel compelled to watch this thing since it's been forever and a day. I still think WarGames was the shit and everything else sucked a
8-----D. 😜

Hahaha just realized I never sent in my application after passing my CISM like a year ago. Good thing they give you like 3 years for that one. LoL

WTF am I listening too? How does this stupid film offend you? It was the dumbest f*c*ing thing, nothing will be beat the WHOPPER2000!😎 Wargames is the ultimate flick.

This is some funny shit. I was just goofing around, had no idea hackers.town and a bunch of folks were watching hackers...ROTFLMAO 😜

I am the nameless one...the one with no name. Like a face without a name or a name without an owner or a puppy left in a pound. Something like that. Yes this is a shit post! 😎

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This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

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Mural on Lothian Road, Edinburgh, depicting Boris Johnson, Kim Jung-un & Donald Trump as babies.

The mural is "signed" by The Rebel Bear.

#art #MastoArt #politics #BoJo #Trump #Jung-un #Edinburgh

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It's the OpenMic Take Over...19 Min of the Street Mutha Fukaz!!

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