So what's a good alternative? Calling out to everyone who cares!

What's a free or low cost CF alternative outside of building your own? Many all ride the same Google backbone. So who is the ethical alternative? Only one I see is bitmitigate but if you take a hard stance its fucked. They stand for privacy and free speech. But empower 8chan and The Daily stormer? So which devil do you go with? Both are not ideal. Seems this area is a little fucked. HELP!!!

@switchingsocial @privacytools

Redhat in a race to have more errata that anyone else. Go big or go home. Evey day for like the last 4 inbox meltdown omfg. This screen shot x's 3 and that is the last few min alone.

Guilty pleasures as we continue on to volume two wrapping up the week.

Haha I am in a rocking mood. Oh yeah fuck my neighbors! 👍

80's Guilty Pleasure. Nothing like some arena rock at 11:45 fuxk the neighbors!!

Because this isn't a phish? I'll make sure to update my 'Informations". Fucking retards! 😜

Haha Twitter trying on a Mastodon skin to keep users interested.

This is what society has become. WTF man? Ice cream Prices are going to sky rocket!!! 💩

Just what the Dr. Ordered. Repulsion on cassette! Some of this will be airing tonight! 😎 I'll share the love.

@SDF smashing federation bot! and taking top honors! Haha POSIX REPREZENTZ! bitches!

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