Google Is Deepening Its Involvement With Egypt’s Repressive Government

Google is set to re-staff its Cairo office, which more or less went dormant in 2014, following the military coup that brought Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to power. - Google’s re-opening of their Egyptian office is alarming—especially “when the government is aggressively asking other Internet companies to provide disproportionate access to their data,” says EFF’s @txitua

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"A survey of more than 6,000 firmware images spanning more than a decade finds no improvement in firmware security and lax security standards for the software running connected devices by Linksys, Netgear and (16) other major vendors."
“We found no consistency in a vendor or product line doing better or showing improvement. There was no evidence that anybody is making a concerted effort to address the safety hygiene of their products,”

For anyone interested. and cater to two entirely different audiences. But to make it simple, LEB is utter fucking garbage. The hosting providers are basically there to steal. With the exception of Hudson Valley hosting rest have been utter shit. LET so far anything from there has been good. Wishosting and Buyvm have been good experiences. But they throttle the shit out of the connections. So keep that in mind but for the price over can't complain.

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Your secure mailbox has just gotten better: With Premium you can now add multiple calendars! Upgrade now and support some hard-working developers. 😉

@brandon @switchingsocial @privacytools that's the problem. It is like mission impossible, every single one I have researched is in bed with Google. Its amazing and concerning all at once how much of a dependency on Google services there are. OVH offer low cost /free sslgateway which is limited to shield origin from layer 1-4 but try nailing down 7 layer solution w/ cdn and Google name is all over it in the fineprint. Sigh.

@brandon @switchingsocial @privacytools so what your saying is, it's so cost prohibitive there is no ethical organization offering these services at a reasonable cost of entry? Some start at $10 which is reasonable for a hobby, but its the part of being tied to Google to power those services that is the issue. Its just a good example of why we need to decentralize way too much dependency on the evil empire.

@brandon - Haha if my pockets were lined with gold. But for the common man, for the instance owners and the hobby site, the bloggers. The few the proud, the budget conscious. 😉

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After collaborating 🤝 with for a while it is fitting to work on one of their gaming devices 🎮 19.04 is now available to download 💿 for the 2019 revision (m3 8100Y) of the GPD WIN 2! The 2018 revision (m3 7Y30) should also work 💪

So what's a good alternative? Calling out to everyone who cares!

What's a free or low cost CF alternative outside of building your own? Many all ride the same Google backbone. So who is the ethical alternative? Only one I see is bitmitigate but if you take a hard stance its fucked. They stand for privacy and free speech. But empower 8chan and The Daily stormer? So which devil do you go with? Both are not ideal. Seems this area is a little fucked. HELP!!!

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Nginx today I hated you loved you and hated you. But I still love you!

I need drugs...lalala Someone was playing Necro. No that was stunning!

@fribbledom - you'll know it when you step on them barefoot. Feels great! 😎

Minor Threat always makes the day bettter. Thanks and @SDF 👍

@jerry has been faster, which is why I'l following along like sheep. Storage is getting too crazy on local drive and WASABI is budget friendly. WIN/WIN.

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