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"Hello, Pornhub customer support. How can I help you?"
"your site's broken. Nuttin loads"
"Sounds to me like everything's working as intended! "

When someone posts that they woke up and need someone to f**k them and slap them in the face. How can you not click follow? Let's see how this turns out..LoL 😜

I stand corrected it is ..."I've been awake for like 20 minutes and i already want somebody to fuck my ass and slap my face"

I forgot all about the ass. I am so sorry please forgive me. 🙏

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Reading updates TOS I'm going to say it again are people retarded?

- Holocaust denial

How do you deny this? What fucking planet are you on. You wanna hate, then hate. But this takes you to a whole new level of brain dead.

Ahora que he terminado, visitaré a tu madre. Me lo puedes agradecer después. 😎

@mastohost is so awesome. Hugo is fantastic to work with. His approach and willingness to help is what the fediverse is about. 👍 👏

Amazon Music -

I know it's hip to hate the Sexual Deviant known as Jeff Bezos. But AMZ Music is streaming at 24Bit, totally taking on Jay-Z who is just as much of a dick head as Bezos. But the twisted one comes in so much cheaper on family plan.

AMZ HD - $149 a year ($199 following year allows 6 users)

Tidal - $359.88 a year (F--K That!)

Spotify- $179.88 a year (5 Users) No HD

Spotify Can FRO. They were ripping off artists for years. At least the others were forth coming.

So an awesome evening and a beautiful breeze. No one on the road. Then it happened, one bump and there goes my phone down the road at 85 MPH. It could not handle the power of the Harley!

So I am now communicating via the love child of Steve jobs, went XR 11 is PHUGLY and a smaller screen. Seems MAST crashes every time I change instance anyone else have this issue? So what good iOS apps are out there I need to dive into?

RIP S10 you have served me well.

Roland are so innovative. I want to thank 😜 @snowdusk_ for posting such awesome video that I have totally been derailed from doing my finances. But to be honest it's not that hard to derail me on this.

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@snowdusk check this out not as clear as I Feel Love but still this is cool. Not with both of these I would definitely never leave the house.

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Good morning Fediverse!

Your Friday show line up!

All times in UTC (PDT -7).

1500-1600 Hear Now The Words w/ @publius

1930-2000 Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob

2000-2100 Something Blue w/ @hairylarry

0100-0200 Loopy Engagement w/ Hoary Marmot ** NEW SHOW! **

0200-0300 OpenVoIP call 929-299-1269 or ext 1088

0300-0600 OpenMic

To tune in:


Daily show line up in pictures:

Dude after reading the fediverse I want to change my name. When I see shit like Pussy Slayer, why can't I be the C**T KiLlA? Or Kitty Slappa?

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